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Certified Agile Project Management Practitioner Online


The AgilePM Practitioner qualification will empower, encourage and equip you with an in-depth knowledge of not just the certification, but also how to apply and implement these principles into the life of a project manager on a daily basis.

This accredited online course will enable you to

• Reinforce your knowledge of the Foundation level

• Study the course topics, practise and take the Practitioner exam including using mock exam papers 

• Take the exam at global exam centres

• Study in bite size chunks

You will receive 6 months access to this course

What's Included

  • Online access to the accredited multimedia e-learning course for 6 months (approx. 10 hours of study time)
  • Interactive quizzes and mock exam simulators to test knowledge ahead of the exam
  • Fully accredited by the AgilePM® Certification Body, the APM Group
  • Access to qualified experts around the globe
  • Take the exam at a local test centre
  • The official AgilePM Practitioner exam is included with this course
  • Networking with fellow learners in our unique Virtual Learning Environment
  • Access to helpful downloadable learning resources and videos
  • Agile PM Handbook

More Information


This course will:

  • Explain how to lay the foundations for successful agile projects
  • Explain how an agile project is managed
  • Clarify the different management styles needed for successful agile projects (compared to “traditional” projects)
  • Learn how to successfully apply AgilePM to your projects.



You will need to have passed one of the following examinations to be eligible to take the Practitioner examination:


• AgilePM Foundation Certificate, or

• DSDM Atern Foundation Certificate, or

• DSDM Advanced Practitioner Certificate.


Course Outline

Session 1 - Introduction 

Session 2 – People and Roles – Overview

• Responsibility of each role

• How roles relate to lifecycle

• How an Agile Team works

• Differences between Agile and traditional team management

• Limits of empowerment


Session 3 – Techniques – Overview

• Facilitated Workshops

• MoSCoW

• Iterative Development

• Modelling

• Timeboxing


Session 4 – Control – Overview

• Quality

• Communications

• Risk Management

• Planning

• Project Management

• Requirements, Estimation, Measurement

• Testing

• Parameters


Session 5 – Lifecycle and Objectives

• Lifecycle and Products

• Reviewed

• Overview

• Detail Reviewed

Exam Format

• Objective-testing

• 4 questions per paper, 15 marks available per question

• 30 marks required to pass (out of 60 available)- 50%

• Two hours duration

• Open-book (restricted to the manual only) examination.


You will also benefit from the exam simulator included with their e-learning, helping you to re-enforce your knowledge before sitting the final exam by completing the interactive quiz after each session and the mock exam quizzes at the end of the course. This will significantly enhance your understanding of the method.

Note: About the Exam

Your exam can be taken 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 361 days of the year. However, you need to give at least 7 working days’ notice and it must be taken within your course licence period. You will need a computer with a webcam, microphone and ideally a hard wired internet connection.

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